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Flea and Tick Control in Sacramento

Flea and tick pest control in Sacramento for your home from Local Pest Solutions is quick and affordable.  Our professionals effectively address your pest problems.

Battling fleas and ticks on your Sacramento property can be an uphill battle. These tiny parasites not only bite, but also spread disease to humans and pets alike. You can get pest control in Sacramento that will get rid of fleas and ticks from us.

We are a local family-owned and operated pest control business. With 15 years in pest control, at Local Pest Solutions, we know home flea control and tick control. Our highly effective flea and tick pest control for homes and businesses is available throughout the Sacramento area. Our qualified service professionals address the whole life cycle of these ugly insects for a long-lasting pest control solution.

Contact Local Pest Solutions to request a free inspection and get a free quote. To learn more about our custom treatment plans for fleas and ticks in Sacramento call to talk to an expert today. You can start living your best pest-free life with Local Pest Solutions.

Fleas And Ticks in Sacramento: What You Must Know

Flea and tick bites can trigger severe allergic reactions, redness, pain, and swelling at the bite site. The parasites can also transmit serious diseases, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tapeworm, Murine typhus, and Lyme disease.

If you have furry friends, fleas and ticks pose similar risks, including discomfort, itching, and hair loss. Ticks can also lead to life-threatening pet diseases like babesiosis and ehrlichiosis.

Sacramento businesses in pet care or hospitality industries cannot afford to allow flea and tick infestations to fester. The pests can damage the business's reputation and may even lead to legal consequences. Local Pest Solutions will help you achieve a pest-free environment to ensure employee and customer safety and satisfaction.

Are There Fleas And Ticks In Northern California?

Fleas and ticks are a common pest issue in Northern California and nationwide. They can be found in our yards and occasionally enter our homes. As ectoparasites, they use a live host to feed on the host's blood from outside their body.

What Is Flea Season In California?

Most of the United States has an annual flea and tick season between April and late October. Unfortunately, Sacramento, surrounding areas, and the whole state of California are ideal for fleas. Our beautiful weather means that our flea and tick season never ends. We have year-round fleas and ticks.

What Is An Ectoparasite?

An ectoparasite is a parasite that lives outside its host's body rather than inside, like an endoparasite. Some common examples of ectoparasites include fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. These parasites feed on their host's blood or skin and can cause irritation, discomfort, and disease. It's essential to prevent and treat ectoparasite infestations in humans and animals for the health and safety of all involved.

Signs Of Flea And Tick Infestation

Visible Pests

Spotting live fleas or ticks on your property is a clear indication of an infestation. These pests are small and brownish-black in color. Fleas are agile and can jump, while ticks have a rounder shape and tend to latch onto the skin.

Presence of Flea Dirt

Flea dirt is the feces of fleas and appears as tiny dark specks on surfaces such as pet bedding, carpets, or furniture. To distinguish flea dirt from regular dirt, place it on a damp paper towel and observe if it turns reddish-brown due to blood content.

Visible Eggs or Nymphs

Fleas lay translucent eggs that are difficult to spot individually. However, in clusters they look like salt or dandruff on surfaces like bedding, carpets, or pet resting areas. Tick nymphs, which are immature ticks, are also small and can be found in similar areas.

Physical Symptoms

If your pets are excessively scratching or biting their fur, it can be a sign of flea bites or ticks. Humans and pets alike experience skin irritation, itching, redness, and rashes from flea bites. Tapeworms in pet feces is a sign of flea infestation.

Flea Control And Tick Control Treatment In Sacramento 

At Local Pest Solutions, we implement our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology to eliminate flea and tick problems and prevent future infestations.

Here is what to expect from our tailored flea and tick pest control approach:

  • Thorough Inspection: Experienced service professionals conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess the extent of the infestation, identify potential breeding sites, and locate areas where fleas and ticks may reside.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Based on the inspection findings, we develop tailored treatment plans that address the specific needs of your property. This ensures the most effective and targeted approach for flea and tick eradication.
  • Effective Treatment Methods: Our team deploys a combination of proven methods, including targeted insecticide applications, residual treatments, and other expert techniques to eliminate fleas and ticks from the premises.
  • Education and Prevention: Local Pest Solutions educates clients about preventive measures to discourage future flea and tick infestations. We provide guidance on maintaining a clean environment, treating pets, and implementing necessary steps to reduce the risk of re-infestation.

Pest Control Company Near Me Sacramento

The longer you let a flea or tick infestation go untreated, the worse it gets. Count on Local Pest Solutions to take a customized, full-service approach to your flea and tick problem so you can stop itching and live without worry of these harmful insects.

As a family-owned and operated pest control services provider, we bring more than 15 years of industry experience to your home. Our residential and commercial pest control services go beyond simply eliminating bugs.

We make it a point to listen to customers concerns, always providing attentive customer service. Through the proven principles of Integrated Pest Management, we handle each job with a personalized touch. 

Sacramento pest control experts at Local Pest Solutions resolve problems in Elk Grove, Folsom, Vacaville, Sacramento, and surrounding areas. Get ready to reclaim your space and say goodbye to these troublesome intruders.


FAQ About Flea Pest Control Management Services

Can I Bring Fleas And Ticks Into My Home?

Yes, you can. Applying tick and flea repellents to yourself and your clothing when hiking in overgrown wooded areas will help prevent you from attracting these pests and bringing them into your home.

What If My Home And My Pet Has Fleas?

Treating your pets with the appropriate safe and effective flea and tick prevention treatments is something to discuss with their doctor. When cats and dogs do not have fleas, it is easier to maintain a pest-free home.

What Attracts Fleas And Ticks To My Yard?

If you want to keep fleas and ticks away from your lawn, minimizing the moisture in the area is essential. You can do this by removing any standing puddles of water, cutting the grass short, and removing any tarps or containers holding water. By reducing the humidity of the habitat, you can discourage these pests from making your lawn their home.

How Can I Keep Fleas From Coming Indoors?

Preventing pests from entering the home in the first place is an essential strategy. Ensure that doors close tightly and keep window screens are in good condition. Leave no cracks or holes where ticks or fleas can enter around doors. Above all, caulk and seal doors and windows to ensure long-term protection from these pests.

How Can I Avoid Flea Reinfestation?

Getting rid of fleas and ticks with professional Sacramento pest control services is the first step toward obtaining a pest-free home. But pest control professionals need you to work with them for the most effective control. The problem with exterminating these pests, in particular, is reinfestation.

Unlike other insects, fleas lay eggs that stay dormant for long periods. Dormant files eggs can hatch, producing more biting fleas that reinfest your home. The worst part is that your home appears flea-free for a while. But you can bring flea eggs into your home on your shoes, and pets can carry fleas.

And soon, there are many more fleas to kill living in your space. So, to protect your home, yourself, and others from reinfestation, here are some flea prevention measures you can try.

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Customer Reviews

Kristen Eddings
Kristen Eddings
Great service, very thorough and explained things in detail. Thank you so much!!
Darce Cabral
Darce Cabral
David explained all that was being treated, cleaned up all of the spider webs. Very patient with my mom. I felt very confident with his work and friendliness in explaining everything. Highly recommend!
Diana Trujillo
Diana Trujillo
David came out to my house for the first visit and was very friendly and professional and talked me through the whole process. Thank you so much David!
Kelsey Leskin
Kelsey Leskin
Nice people, they scheduled me with an appointment super quick.
Bud Mullanix
Bud Mullanix
We have used them for a few times and they come through and deliver every time. Good value and great service
Krystal Taylor
Krystal Taylor
David and his employees were friendly, informative and extremely professional. Upon completion of services, David gave a thorough overview of what to expect and what to do in an unexpected even of more ants 🐜. I can honestly say that we will be calling David for anything else we need outside of our regularly scheduled services.
Heav&JJ kidz4kidz
Heav&JJ kidz4kidz
Family owned, very professional and polite. Thank you for taking care of our farm
Ashley Trammell
Ashley Trammell
Very professional, they explained everything they were doing and they were quick as well
michael geiger-reed
michael geiger-reed
Chee has been great! He has been friendly and nice and explaining what he is doing while working inside our scary horror film of an infested house. I wish I had his help for the big spiders living in our drains but sadly our landlord company won't cover that so it's up to us to fork up cash. Chee should be the face of the company he works in because he understands what customer service is.

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