Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Sacramento

Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Sacramento

Commercial pest control solutions in Sacramento are something every business needs. Pests are problematic in the greater Sacramento area. Do you worry about pests tarnishing your business's professional reputation? Learn how the proper pest control solutions can eliminate and prevent pest infestations.

Do you need to find the best option for commercial pest control solutions? You’ve worked hard to build your business. And the last thing you want is a pest infestation detracting from your professional image and turning off customers. Unwanted pest intruders can pose serious risks to your business. Pests can jeopardize the health and safety of employees and customers. And tarnish your reputation, and even disrupt daily operations.

We are a family-owned and operated pest control company. Local Pest Solutions cares about helping your business eradicate pests of all kinds. Without cockroaches, ants, and rats around, you can achieve optimal productivity and profitability. With our comprehensive pest management services, you can fortify your business against the perils of infestations. And you can enjoy long-lasting pest control.

Commercial Local Pest Solutions

For professional commercial pest control services for your business in Sacramento, Vacaville, Roseville, Folsom, and Elk Grove, California, Local Pest Solutions is a great choice. At Local Pest Solutions, we are here to help.

  • We use the best pest control solutions to keep your business free from bugs and pests.
  • Pest control helps ensure your employees and customers feel safe and comfortable.
  • Our advanced methods, plant-based pest control products, and conscientious environmental commitment set us apart from other pest control companies.
  • We stand behind the quality of our pest management services with a 100% Service Guarantee. That ensures your complete satisfaction for every service we offer. If pests reappear between scheduled visits, we will return for free.

Why Reliable Commercial Pest Control Matters

Maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive environment is a top priority for businesses in any industry. Let Local Pest Solutions implement a custom treatment plan for you. With pest control in place you can avoid the following risks and concerns:

Hazardous Conditions

Pests can compromise the well-being of employees and customers, posing significant health and safety risks. Contamination of food, the spread of diseases, and allergic reactions are all serious issues that no business owner wants to face.

Reputation Management

A single pest sighting can mar the reputation you've worked tirelessly to build. Unhappy customers, negative online reviews, and unflattering word-of-mouth can spread like wildfire, causing irreversible damage and deterring potential customers or clients from engaging with your business

Property Damage

Rodents and carpet beetles are just a few pests that can wreak havoc on your commercial property. They gnaw through structures, damage electrical systems, and destroy your inventory, resulting in substantial financial losses and operational disruptions.

Work Environment

The mere presence of pests during business hours can throw operations into disarray. Employees feel uncomfortable and distracted, leading to diminished productivity, compromised customer service, and business inefficiencies.

With Local Pest Solutions on your side, you can avoid these hassles and focus on your core business instead of pest problems. Our professionals go above and beyond to help you achieve a pest-free commercial property that stays that way.

Sacramento Commercial Pest Control Safeguards Your Business

What pests are plaguing your business? Through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology, we tailor treatment and prevention plans to for your commercial property.

Here are the highly effective commercial pest control solutions you can expect when you choose our team:

  • Bed Bug Control: Specialized treatments to detect, eliminate, and prevent bed bug infestations, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for employees and customers to enjoy your services.
  • Rodent Control: Identification, removal, and exclusion of rodents, preventing commercial property damage and reducing the health risks that come with these pests so that you can uphold a clean and professional image
  • Ant Control: Tailored ant control plans to eliminate any ant species, stopping them from invading your business premises, contaminating food areas, and causing structural issues.
  • Carpet Beetle Control: Identification, treatment, and prevention of carpet beetles, protecting your inventory and helping you avoid an unsanitary appearance in your business.
  • Cockroach Control: Superior cockroach treatment to eliminate roach infestations, reduce health risks, and maintain a clean, hygienic environment for employees and customers.
  • Flea and Tick Control: Proven treatments to stop fleas and ticks in their tracks and remove them for good, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for employees, customers, and any pets on the premises.
  • Hornet and Wasp Control: Safe, responsible removal of hornet and wasp nests, creating a safer outdoor environment for all and allowing your customers and employees to enjoy the surroundings without fear of painful stings
  • Spider Control: Identification, treatment, and prevention of any spider species, alleviating arachnophobia concerns and maintaining a spider-free environment, which promotes a comfortable and professional commercial property.

Achieve a Pest-Free Business with Our Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Local Pest Solutions service professionals bring expertise, advanced techniques, and unwavering commitment to excellence. We are the ideal partner to safeguard your business. Contact our friendly team of experts today to request a free business inspection or to learn more about our top-quality commercial solutions.


Commercial Properties We Service

Our greater Sacramento pest control company offers a range of pest control services to cater to the needs of various facilities. No facility is too large. Facilities we service include retail properties, shopping centers, strip malls, department stores, and malls. We also provide pest control for healthcare facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living retirement homes, medical and dental offices, and pharmacies. In addition, our offerings extend to educational facilities, schools, colleges and universities, and daycare centers. Our commercial pest control services are also available for food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

Please get in touch with us for a free pest inspection for government buildings and houses of worship, too. From professional office buildings to funeral homes to car dealerships to grocery stores, we can provide pest management services to all businesses in the greater Sacramento area. We understand that each facility has unique requirements, and we provide customized solutions to meet those requirements.

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Our Subscription Commercial Pest Control Service

Features And Benefits

Say goodbye to pesky pests once and for all with our new Subscription Pest Control service. It is convenient, effective, and affordable. Our subscription service guarantees a pest-free commercial business property all year round.

  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that your commercial pest control needs are taken care of, no matter what pests decide to make your property home.
  • Cost Savings: Our commercial subscription pest management service is a cost-effective way to manage pest control expenses, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Convenience: With our subscription service, you won't have to worry about scheduling commercial pest control appointments - we'll take care of it for you, leaving you with more time to focus on things that matter.
  • Constant Protection: Regular treatments ensure continuous protection against pests, reducing the chance of large infestations or damage. With our Subscription Pest Control service, you can be sure that your business is in good hands.
  • Bi-Monthly Inspections: Our team of trained and certified technicians will conduct regular inspections of your property to detect early signs of pest activity, to control pests.
  • Routine Treatments: We provide routine pest control treatments tailored to your commercial property's needs, which will prevent any infestations before they even start.
  • Priority Service: As a subscriber, you receive priority scheduling for additional services needed between regular visits, ensuring quick and efficient service when pests are a problem.
  • Flexible Plans: Choose from a range of commercial subscription pest control plans to suit your specific pest control needs and budget, giving you complete control. Get exactly what you want with Local Pest Solutions.

Initial Visit And Pest Inspection 

We begin our 100% satisfaction guaranteed service with a comprehensive initial visit, including a free inspection. During this visit, our licensed and trained technician thoroughly inspects your commercial property. They identify and treat all existing infestations in and around the facility and locate potential nesting sites, harborage areas, and entry points. 

We provide guaranteed services and customized protection based on the results of our initial inspection. They create and present a commercial pest control plan to meet the requirements and needs of your business.

Follow Up Pest Control Visits

Our licensed technicians return for follow-up visits every month, starting the month after the initial service. During these visits, they inspect your commercial property and adapt treatments to accommodate pests' changing seasons and movements.

During pest control visits, you can expect conscientious service and respect from our courteous pest management technicians. When we arrive for service, we notify the property, building, operations, facility, or office manager. And we leave a record of the services we perform on your property for that manager each visit.

It is our way of maintaining communication and updating you on the status of the pests on your property. We guarantee protection throughout the year, during all season changes, and against all the most common pests in your area.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Service Technicians

Our commercial pest control services in California keep your business free of pests. When our service technician arrives, they will perform a thorough inspection to identify any problem areas. Next, they will sweep the eaves, overhangs, entryways, and windows for spiders, spider webs, and egg sacs and remove any wasp nests.

Next, they treat the exterior foundation perimeter of your facility to create a barrier against pests. And they check flower beds and the like to discourage nesting. Additionally, we may need to address cracks and expansion joints in sidewalks, doorways, and windows. Also, we will address areas around bushes and shrubs to eliminate potential pest entry points. Finally, if there is a significant infestation, our technicians will treat affected areas inside your facility. Interior and exterior treatments help ensure complete pest control.

Talk To A Local Pest Control Expert

Customer Reviews

Kristen Eddings
Kristen Eddings
Great service, very thorough and explained things in detail. Thank you so much!!
Darce Cabral
Darce Cabral
David explained all that was being treated, cleaned up all of the spider webs. Very patient with my mom. I felt very confident with his work and friendliness in explaining everything. Highly recommend!
Diana Trujillo
Diana Trujillo
David came out to my house for the first visit and was very friendly and professional and talked me through the whole process. Thank you so much David!
Kelsey Leskin
Kelsey Leskin
Nice people, they scheduled me with an appointment super quick.
Bud Mullanix
Bud Mullanix
We have used them for a few times and they come through and deliver every time. Good value and great service
Krystal Taylor
Krystal Taylor
David and his employees were friendly, informative and extremely professional. Upon completion of services, David gave a thorough overview of what to expect and what to do in an unexpected even of more ants 🐜. I can honestly say that we will be calling David for anything else we need outside of our regularly scheduled services.
Heav&JJ kidz4kidz
Heav&JJ kidz4kidz
Family owned, very professional and polite. Thank you for taking care of our farm
Ashley Trammell
Ashley Trammell
Very professional, they explained everything they were doing and they were quick as well
michael geiger-reed
michael geiger-reed
Chee has been great! He has been friendly and nice and explaining what he is doing while working inside our scary horror film of an infested house. I wish I had his help for the big spiders living in our drains but sadly our landlord company won't cover that so it's up to us to fork up cash. Chee should be the face of the company he works in because he understands what customer service is.

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