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General Pest Control In Sacramento

General pest control in Sacramento might be what you need. Are you horrified to discover pests are invading your residential or commercial property? Find out why home and business owners choose Local Pest Solutions for reliable pest control in Sacramento.

When you need pest control in Sacramento, you need it now! Whether you are dealing with a minor ant invasion or one too many cockroach sightings, count on the pros at Local Pest Solutions. We’ll put your mind at ease by implementing the most effective strategies to reclaim your property from pests.

As the Sacramento area’s trusted pest control experts for residential and commercial properties, we offer long-lasting solutions to address your peskiest pest problems. Local Pest Solutions puts you back in control by eliminating existing pests and preventing new invasions.

Welcome to Local Pest Solutions, your trusted partner in maintaining a pest-free home in Sacramento. Our team of professional home insect exterminators has the latest technology and expert knowledge to tackle any pest challenge you may be facing.

We understand Sacramento residents' unique pest control needs and provide safe and practical solutions to protect your home and family from unwanted pests. Let Local Pest Solutions be your first defense against infestations, ensuring a peaceful and secure living environment.

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Identifying The Need For Pest Control Services In Sacramento

Discovering an invasion of pests in your Sacramento home or business can be deeply unsettling. Local Pest Solutions understands the urgency and provides swift and reliable pest control services. Whether facing a minor nuisance like ants or the daunting presence of roaches, you would rather do anything than share your space with these unwanted guests. That is where we step in.

Residents and businesses in Sacramento consistently turn to Local Pest Solutions for insightful pest management. Our approach is holistic. We focus not only on eradicating current infestations but also on implementing strategies to prevent future pest issues. Our professional team utilizes the latest techniques and treatments to ensure your property is pest-free, offering peace of mind and returning control of your premises to you.

Customer Reviews

Kristen Eddings
Kristen Eddings
Great service, very thorough and explained things in detail. Thank you so much!!
Darce Cabral
Darce Cabral
David explained all that was being treated, cleaned up all of the spider webs. Very patient with my mom. I felt very confident with his work and friendliness in explaining everything. Highly recommend!
Diana Trujillo
Diana Trujillo
David came out to my house for the first visit and was very friendly and professional and talked me through the whole process. Thank you so much David!
Kelsey Leskin
Kelsey Leskin
Nice people, they scheduled me with an appointment super quick.
Bud Mullanix
Bud Mullanix
We have used them for a few times and they come through and deliver every time. Good value and great service
Krystal Taylor
Krystal Taylor
David and his employees were friendly, informative and extremely professional. Upon completion of services, David gave a thorough overview of what to expect and what to do in an unexpected even of more ants 🐜. I can honestly say that we will be calling David for anything else we need outside of our regularly scheduled services.
Heav&JJ kidz4kidz
Heav&JJ kidz4kidz
Family owned, very professional and polite. Thank you for taking care of our farm
Ashley Trammell
Ashley Trammell
Very professional, they explained everything they were doing and they were quick as well
michael geiger-reed
michael geiger-reed
Chee has been great! He has been friendly and nice and explaining what he is doing while working inside our scary horror film of an infested house. I wish I had his help for the big spiders living in our drains but sadly our landlord company won't cover that so it's up to us to fork up cash. Chee should be the face of the company he works in because he understands what customer service is.

Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services

Local Pest Solutions is your go-to source for general pest control in Sacramento. Are pests making an unwelcome appearance at your home or business? Discover why locals choose us for reliable residential and commercial pest control in Sacramento.

Do not let pests take over—whether it is a minor annoyance like ants or something as distressing as a cockroach—rely on Local Pest Solutions. Our expert team is committed to promptly and effectively resolving your pest issues, ensuring your property is pest-free.

As Sacramento's trusted pest control experts, we deliver durable solutions for your most challenging pest problems. Local Pest Solutions empowers you to remove your domain from unwanted invaders by exterminating existing pests and thwarting future incursions.

Is it time to seek out pest control services in Sacramento? Look for these telltale signs that signal our experienced pest control professionals should intervene.

When You See These Signs, Call Pest Control Pros

Pest Sightings

If you notice a sudden increase in the number of pests in your home or business, you may have an infestation. Common pests include roaches, fleas, ticks, ants, and spiders.

Property Damage

Pests can cause significant damage to your property. If you notice evidence of damage, like chewed wires, gnaw marks, or entry holes, it's time to seek professional pest control help.

Dropping Tracks

Pest droppings, urine, or tracks are clear indications of pest activity. These can be found near food sources, in hidden areas, or along walls. 

Unpleasant Odors

Certain pests, such as cockroaches, can produce strong, unpleasant odors. If you notice persistent foul smells in specific areas of your home, it i may be an infestation.

Nesting Materials 

Discovering nests, webs, or burrows can indicate the presence of pests. Noticing a spider webs or wasp nests on your property suggests you may have an active pest problem.

Are you encountering any of these signs?Stay calm; Local Pest Solutions is here to assist. Sharing your space with pests is not an option. The sooner our team is on the job, the sooner we can solve your pest problem.

Sacramento’s Top Pest Control Solutions: What to Expect

At Local Pest Solutions, we take a focused approach to your pest control by identifying your specific problem through our comprehensive property inspection. First, We examine your residential or commercial property’s interior and exterior spaces for signs of pest activity.

After the inspection, we address the issue with our proven Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology, customizing a treatment plan based on our findings.

What’s different about our pest control solutions? Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, you get a tailored pest-specific solution that works right the first time. No trial and error is necessary. You can look forward to worry-free days ahead without a pest in sight.

Our IPM methodology is effective for any type of pest, including:

Many home and business owners prefer to use a pest control provider to prevent problems before they begin. Others wait until they notice a problem. Whatever your style, the service professionals at Local Pest Solutions will never judge. Our only objective is to eradicate the pests so you can get back to living life.

Why Choose Local Pest Solutions for Your Sacramento Home or Business?

As a family-owned and operated pest control provider, Local Pest Solutions is dedicated to serving the homes and businesses of Sacramento with the best solutions for any pest concern. Our friendly team of experts brings more than 15 years of industry experience to your pest control efforts. We know what it takes to achieve a pest-free property while giving you a superior customer experience.

At Local Pest Solutions, our ethos extends beyond simple pest elimination; we focus on nurturing partnerships while maintaining a spotless image for our clients. Transparency and open communication are the tenets of our service, underpinning our longstanding rapport with businesses across Greater Sacramento.

Local enterprises consistently contact us for solutions in commercial spaces. We service apartment communities, hotels, restaurants, and more. They trust our reputation for dedicated pest management and we hope you will too.

Ready to get our skilled pest control team in your corner? Contact Local Pest Solutions today to schedule your free inspection. Get started with the most effective pest control for Sacramento homes and businesses.

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions in Sacramento

Local Pest Solutions is your dedicated family-owned pest control company. We can resolve all your residential pest control needs in the Sacramento Area. When you face uninvited pest guests, call us for one-time services. Ongoing pest control services are also available to Sacramento homes. We prioritize the well-being of your family and pets. Ensuring the safe eradication of pest problems is our specialty.

Entrust your home to our continuous service for a robust pest control strategy encompassing removal and long-term prevention. Our adept licensed technicians, specialists in Sacramento pest control, receive regular training to stay at the forefront of industry standards. Our goal is exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Covering a vast area, we serve Sacramento, Elk Grove, Lodi, and beyond.

From cockroach inspection to ant control, our skilled pest control technicians possess the expertise necessary for comprehensive management. Discover our stellar reputation by searching 'pest control Sacramento' to view our favorable reviews. Contact Local Pest Solutions today for unparalleled pest management services.

For businesses in Sacramento, CA, maintaining a pest-free environment is a cornerstone for health and safety. Local Pest Solutions will safeguard your business premises from intrusive insects and rodents. We understand the unique challenges across different industries, from offices to warehouses to apartment communities, ensuring a custom pest control solution is in place.

Our proficient technicians are well-versed in various services, including bed bug inspection and flea eradication and control. We meet the nuanced requirements of landlords, tenants, and property managers, striving to enhance your reputation with stellar service. As a thriving local family-owned pest control establishment, our success hinges on fostering strong relationships and maintaining client trust.

Our Greater Sacramento Pest Control Services

We take pride in our focused approach to pest control at Local Pest Solutions. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your residential or commercial property's interior and exterior spaces to identify any signs of pest activity. Based on our findings, we will customize a treatment plan using our proven Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology.

We aim to provide a tailored, pest-specific solution that works right the first time without trial and error. With our help, you can look forward to worry-free days, free from pesky pests. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an inspection and let us take care of the rest.


Experiencing flea and tick issues in Sacramento is not only a nuisance but also a health concern for humans and pets. Local Pest Solutions’ quick and affordable services for your home effectively address parasite problems with long-lasting solutions. Our team tackles the entire lifecycle of these annoying ectoparasites to safeguard your property.

While many states experience a flea and tick season typically from April to late October, Sacramento's pleasant environment means we deal with these pests all year. Continuous year-round activity from these pests underscores the importance of consistent flea and tick prevention and control programs for California residents.

An ectoparasite is a parasite living outside of its host, such as, fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. Safeguarding against these pests is crucial to ensure the well-being of humans and animals alike.

Fleas and ticks can cause allergic reactions, redness, pain, and swelling at the bite site. Even worse, these bloodsuckers can also transmit diseases to humans and animals. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Murine typhus, and tapeworm to name a few.

For Sacramento businesses, a flea and tick infestation is scary. Trust Local Pest Solutions to achieve a pest-free environment, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of people and pets alike.

Recognizing the signs of flea and tick infestation is essential to act swiftly. Be looking for live pests, flea dirt, eggs or nymphs, and any evidence of bites on humans and pets. These indicators necessitate prompt action to control the infestation and minimize health risks.


Discovering a few ants at home might not seem like a pressing issue. However, they are often signs of a more significant underlying problem. DIY pest control methods, such as bug sprays and bait stations, may offer momentary relief.

But these methods do not address the hidden colonies that are the source of your ant infestation. Unlike short-term DIY solutions, Local Pest Solutions, your dedicated team of home insect exterminators in Sacramento, specializes in comprehensive ant control services that target the root of the problem.

Ants invade properties, offering abundant food, water, and shelter, establishing colonies that pose a challenge to eradicate. They exploit tiny entry points to form satellite colonies requiring professional ant control services. 

Regular cleaning, storing food in airtight containers, and addressing moisture issues are preventive measures. However, in the event of an infestation, it is time to enlist the expertise of Local Pest Solutions. Our trained ant exterminators in Sacramento deal with the most persistent infestations.

Ignoring the signs of ant infestation can result in painful bites and additional health risks on your property. Therefore, rather than relying on temporary DIY pest control solutions, it is prudent to seek the professional services of Local Pest Solutions. We do not just target visible ants; we focus on eliminating the entire colony hidden from view, ensuring your residential or commercial property remains ant-free.


Cockroaches are a common problem in Sacramento, with several species known to inhabit the area. They typically live in dark, wet places with decaying organic material to eat, such as crawl spaces, storm drains, floor drains, and sewer pipes.

To prevent them, fit drains with stoppers and flush floor drains weekly to recharge the traps. Additionally, sealing holes around plumbing pipes can prevent roaches from creeping along the outside of the pipes to gain access.

Cockroaches are attracted to warm and humid weather, making them more active in late spring and early summer. While the idea that cockroaches are attracted to dirty homes is a common misconception, they are usually attracted to nutrients and water. They are scavengers and can adapt to survive in many situations. However, they can carry diseases that can harm humans, including Salmonella and poliomyelitis, and are a common source of allergens that can trigger asthma.

Roach Control In Sacramento

The American cockroach is of particular concern in California because it can carry and spread bacteria. Droppings in dim home areas, egg capsules, and a musty smell are signs of an infestation. The German cockroach is the most common indoors and is often in multi-unit housing and food preparation areas. 

While seeing one or two cockroaches might not be a cause for alarm, it's essential to prevent an infestation by reducing garbage and clutter, sealing cracks in walls and gaps near electric sockets, and keeping countertops, sinks, tabletops, and floors free of clutter and crumbs.

At Local Pest Solutions, we understand that effective cockroach control calls for a nuanced strategy tailored to the specifics of each infestation. For Sacramento residents grappling with roaches, here is how our expert exterminators approach the situation.

We must engage with our seasoned insect exterminators, who will craft a personalized cockroach control plan for your home. While over-the-counter treatments might offer temporary relief, they do not compare to the efficacy and long-lasting results guaranteed by our professional services. Trust us to provide the ultimate solution to your cockroach woes and safeguard your Sacramento home against future invasions.

Q: How did I get wasps on my property?

A: Wasps are drawn to environments that support their nesting and feeding habits. They commonly construct nests in elevated, sheltered spots such as eaves and gutters, lured by the flora and potential food sources like crumbs and garbage cans in your property's vicinity.

If wasps find your property's exterior conducive to their survival, establishing a colony there becomes highly probable, escalating the danger of these stinging insects infiltrating your home.

Q: Are DIY wasp traps effective?

A: DIY wasp traps offer a temporary fix and might not provide a comprehensive solution to a wasp infestation. While they can capture individual wasps, they will not address the nest or colony causing the issue.

Utilizing professional wasp extermination techniques, Local Pest Solutions can effectively remove the wasp nest and eradicate the colony, ensuring your property's safety and delivering long-lasting results.

Q: What is your process for getting rid of wasp nests?

A: Local Pest Solutions deploys environmentally friendly tactics our expert technicians execute. An initial property inspection identifies the nest and gauges wasp activity, followed by a strategic plan and a detailed report.

We employ safe techniques to dismantle the nest, taking additional care with aggressive species like yellow jackets. Our integrated pest management advice helps you maintain a wasp-free environment, further reinforced by our recurring pest control services to ensure continued protection between visits.

Do not risk the discomfort and hazard of wasp encounters. Trust Local Pest Solutions to fortify your property against unwelcome wasps. Our dedicated team of pest control technicians offers swift and dependable treatments, making your home or business a no-fly zone for these pests. For a secure and serene environment, contact Local Pest Solutions for a complimentary estimate or arrange your initial inspection today.


At Local Pest Solutions, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology is at the core of our comprehensive general pest control services. We begin with a thorough pest inspection to assess the extent of the infestation and identify potential breeding sites. Our team then crafts a customized pest treatment plan.

General pest management may employ everything from powerful insecticides to relocating trashcans. We use many techniques to eradicate general pests. Post-treatment, we will share educational materials with you and help you understand pests better.

Throughout the process we will be there to guide you with pest control recommendations. Lastly, we use preventive measures to keep your Sacramento home pest-free for the long haul.

Our Detailed Pest Control Process in Sacramento

Local Pest Solutions stands out among pest control companies in Sacramento, providing a rigorously designed pest control process that ensures efficient general pest control services in Sacramento.

Understanding that every homeowner's concern is unique, our pest management protocol begins with a detailed process for assessing the extent of the infestation.

As a leading pest control company in the region, we believe in a proactive approach to pest service through early identification and swift action. Our general pest service extends from ant control services to comprehensive pest solutions addressing spiders, cockroaches, hornets, wasps, fleas, and ticks specific to Sacramento, CA.

Our general pest services are thorough, from the initial pest inspection to employing appropriate pest control measures that underscore our commitment to excellence in pest control Sacramento, CA.

The Sacramento pest control landscape necessitates an adaptable pest service. And that is what Local Pest Solutions brings to the table. We are a pest control service rich in experience and refined through a detailed pest control process.

We place safety and effectiveness at the forefront. Trust us to integrate the highest standards in our pest control Sacramento services, ensuring peace of mind and a pest-free environment for you.


Local Pest Solutions offers spider control services for residential and commercial properties in Sacramento. Our Integrated Pest Management approach to spider control includes a thorough inspection, tailored treatment plans, exclusion measures, customer education, and recommendations.

Professional pest management companies should deal with dangerous spider species such as black widow and brown recluse spiders.

There are risks associated with spiders, including painful, even life-threatening, venomous bites. In addition to the outrageously negative mental health impact some experience.

At Local Pest Solutions, we understand the concerns that come with spider infestations. Our process for eradicating these pests in the Sacramento area is meticulous and tailored to each customer's unique needs.

How To Discourage Spiders

You can take practical steps to discourage spider activity. These simple measures can help keep your home spider-free! And do not hesitate to get professional spider control services if spiders bother you.

  • Keep a tidy, clutter-free home.
  • Replace cardboard boxes with plastic storage containers.
  • Turning off outdoor lights can lead to less spider activity because the insects that spiders feed on are attracted to light. But you don't have to keep your porch completely dark to make it less attractive to spiders. Instead, it is recommended to opt for warm-colored lighting that is not too bright and does not emit too much heat. The latest LED light bulbs are a great choice for exterior residential and commercial lighting. LED bulbs do not get hot and are less likely to attract as many pests as older types of light bulbs.
  • It is crucial to ensure that spiders cannot gain access to your home. You can start by removing any potential hiding spots they might use on the exterior walls, such as compost, leaves, woodpiles, and grass clippings. 
  • Additionally, check your door and window openings for crevices that spiders might crawl into and seal them with caulk. 
  • Cover your vents with fine mesh and mend any torn window screens.



Q: What is the most common method of pest control?

A: The most common method of pest control is an integrated approach that includes a combination of tactics for both prevention and elimination. At Local Pest Solutions, we adapt the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure effective and environmentally sensitive methods of control.

This includes a mix of strategies such as chemical treatments, traps, exclusion techniques to prevent pest entry, and habitat modifications to remove food and water sources. Our trained technicians determine the best course of action based on the specific infestation and the needs of your property.

Q: What is considered a general pest?

A: General pests are typically defined as a species that is commonly found in and around homes or businesses, causing annoyance, health concerns, or damage to structures and property.

So, this can include insects like ants, and cockroaches. At Local Pest Solutions, we treat a wide variety of general pests, and our treatments are tailored to address each particular pest problem effectively.


Q: What is the best pest management?

A: The best pest management strategy is one that is proactive, sustainable, and tailored to the specific pest challenges you are facing. At Local Pest Solutions, we believe in a comprehensive approach to pest management, which starts with a thorough inspection to identify the scope of the problem and the pests involved.

We then devise a strategic plan that includes preventative measures, targeted treatments, and ongoing monitoring to ensure the long-term protection of your property. Our focus is not just on eliminating pests, but also on preventing future infestations through education, habitat adjustments, and regular maintenance services.

Q: How much is pest removal service?

A: The cost of pest removal services can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, the size of your property, and the methods used for extermination or removal.

At Local Pest Solutions, we provide customized pricing that reflects the specific needs of your situation. We recommend scheduling a professional assessment with one of our experts to obtain an accurate quote.

Our commitment is to offer fair and competitive pricing for the high-quality service our team delivers.


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