Wolf Spiders In Sacramento | Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

Wolf spiders in Sacramento are an unwelcome guest for many home owners. It’s hard not to be afraid of spiders when they show up in your Sacramento home. However, if you are a homeowner, you probably know that spiders can seem unavoidable. Wolf spiders are among the most common types of spiders to invade Sacramento homes.

Even though spiders have their benefits, you don’t need to put up with them in your home. A Sacramento pest control company can be the best solution to your spider problem. Although, if you want to learn more about wolf spiders and how to deal with them, keep reading!

Wolf Spider Identification And Habits

Wolf spiders are lone creatures that do not spin or sit in webs. They stick to the ground and crawl around, hunting their prey. They are speedy and can often be mistaken for other spiders due to their size. Wolf spiders can grow to over two inches in some cases and are often different shades of brown.

Wolf spiders are not inherently dangerous and do not bite unless handled. You should be careful if you go to kill one, however. Wolf spiders can carry eggs on their backs, and when squished, the egg will release hundreds of smaller spiders. Wolf spiders eat other types of insects that have found their way into your home.

Common Ways Wolf Spiders Enter Houses

Wolf spiders are lone creatures and generally shy. They are also nocturnal, so you will likely find them roaming around at night. Here are the top spots where you might discover wolf spiders around your home:

Check out all the different areas if you’re trying to find where they could be hiding. Use caution if you choose to use traps or sprays because they can be a hazard to your home or family. Remember that it could be easier to vacuum up wolf spiders than using harsh chemicals, especially around your pantry.

Four Expert Pest Control Tactics For Sacramento Wolf Spiders

There are many ways to kill spiders, but prevention can often be more beneficial. Wolf spiders and other types of small spiders might seem like a never-ending problem, but there are steps you can take today to stop them. Here are four tips you can implement today:

  1. Remove any clutter, firewood, or leaves around your yard and entry points.
  2. Seal cracks or holes around your windows and doors.
  3. Eliminate any cardboard boxes, such as what you store books or food in.
  4. Try spraying or planting peppermint, lavender, or citronella around your home.

If your spider problem becomes too prevalent, it could attract other pests to your home. This can become dangerous for your home and the safety of your family. For quick and solid solutions, you should look into a professional spider control team.

Total Spider Prevention Programs For Sacramento Residents

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