Bed Bug Infestations In Sacramento County | How Do They Start?

Bed bug infestations in Sacramento County do not just occur out of thin air. Bed bugs come from somewhere, but where? Nothing is more exciting than telling your friends about the fantastic deal you scored at the local thrift or yard sale. It is such a rush to get something home that you know is worth way more than you paid for it. Buyers beware – with bed bugs on the loose in Sacramento, your “deal” might result in some severe buyer’s remorse.

Common Misconceptions About Sacramento Bed Bugs

Most homeowners believe that if they keep their homes clean and tidy, they will never have to worry about a bed bug infestation – that’s only for people with dirty homes. Untrue! Bed bugs are pretty comfortable in any living conditions as long as your blood is on the menu. While it is true that messy and cluttered homes help them hide easier, they have no trouble enjoying the comfy surroundings of a tidy home.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Bed Bug Hot Spots

Bed bugs are not a result of uncleanliness; they are a result of transportation. Homeowners are often unaware that coming in contact with bed bug “hotspots” can make them carriers. Often frequented public areas provide just the right avenue for bed bugs to hitchhike from person to person until they reach a preferred destination.

Public areas that pave the way for bed bugs to enter your home include the following:

Bed bugs like to hang out in these public hotspots. Being informed and aware of these areas can help a homeowner mitigate the likelihood of these hitchhikers catching a ride into their house.

Some rules to follow when traveling in the public sector include:

Little-Known Ways Bed Bugs Access Sacramento County

Your second-hand bargain may bring consequences that make you wish you hadn’t stopped to look. A lesser-known way to transport bed bugs is through second-hand stores and yard sales. Clothing, furniture, mattresses and box springs, pictures and frames, and appliances hide bed bugs. Once these bugs come into your home, they are primed and ready to spread out and wait for their blood meal. No one wants to pass up a great deal, but homeowners should be on the lookout for signs of bed bug infestations.

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Areas to check when buying a bargain include:

What Everyone Ought To Know About Preventing Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs can attach themselves to everyday items, they are hard to prevent. They can come at you from all directions. Local Pest Solutions has over 15+ years of experience fighting pests of all kinds. With excellent customer service, you will feel like part of our family, and our family cares about what’s “bugging” you. Call Local Pest Solutions today to set up a free inspection, and let us make your home our business.