Why Are There Ants In My Sacramento Home?

The ants in my Sacramento home have got to go! Ants are curious little creatures. These pests are seemingly fearless when crawling through homes but will scatter the second they sense you are trying to shoo them away or crush them. So, are ants unintelligent, or are they just incredibly trusting? We are going to go with unintelligent. If these pests were smart, they wouldn’t invade homes in the first place. If you regularly have trouble with ants breaking into your Sacramento home and are wondering what would drive them to come inside, we have your answers here today.

Things Ants Love

Ants are driven creatures. They spend the entirety of their lives scavenging for food, building their nests, and serving their queen. Most of this involves gathering food and moisture. If an ant is crawling around inside your home, they are there to look for food. If a trail of ants is across your floor, then you can assume they have found something worth gathering. As for what ants like to eat and drink, these pests prefer things high in protein or have high sugar content. Some things attracting these nuisances to your living areas might include dropped cake crumbs, open soda bottles, left-out fruit, and unfinished pizza.

To gather moisture for their colony, ants have several viable strategies. Some species can tunnel deep underground to access areas of high moisture. Other ants look for sources of water buildup around properties and inside homes. Some ways they might find moisture inside your living areas include inside bathtubs, sinks, and undried dishes.

How Ants Get Into Homes

You have seen ants. They are typically small. Some species are even small enough to squeeze through the small cracks in electronics. Keeping this in mind, getting into a structure is not difficult for these pests. All they need is a crack, gap, or opening that is large enough for them to crawl through it. Ants find these types of openings around window/door frames and utility piping/wires, under doors, and through the exterior foundation of homes, window/door screens, and weatherstripping. As homes grow older and suffer from general wear and tear, these entry points are more likely to appear.

Some Prevention Tips For Ants In Sacramento

In order to deter ants from invading your living areas, you have to do two things: reduce factors that draw them inside and seal off entry points they might use to slip inside. To do these things, here are some general prevention tips to try.

The Easy Solution To Ants

Most people do not have the time or energy to prevent ants on their own. If you want a simple and easy way to keep pests out of your living areas, look no further than the local pest professionals at Local Pest Control. We will investigator your home’s pest pressures, and put in place quick working and effective solutions to keep pests like ants out year-round.

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